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Terry Robinson, M.Div. Chaplin, Accolade Hospice Mar 21, 2018
Hospice Care - It's More Than You Think

Terry views his life as a journey with each experience preparing him for the next. He was born to an Air Force family stationed in Florida and is the youngest of 4 boys. With his family, he moved all over the United States. He earned a BA in Religion and Psychology from the University of Mobile and his Master’s degree from the New Orleans Baptist Seminary.


After graduation, he served in a hospital for several years as a chaplain before starting work with a hospice provider in Mobile, Alabama. In 2010, he moved to Austin to continue his service with hospice. In 2014, he joined the Accolade Hospice team. His role with Accolade Hospice is currently Spiritual Care Coordinator and Volunteer Coordinator.


When Terry is not serving with hospice, he enjoys traveling and community theatre. His travel have included all of North America as well as the Bahamas, England and Ukraine. Tying into his love of theatre, he has participated in plays in both Mobile, Alabama and the Austin, Texas area.

He has one daughter who is married

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Ana Acosta Jun 27, 2018
“Foster Community: Transforming the way we think about Foster Care”
“Foster Community: Transforming the way we think about Foster Care”
Foster Community is an action-oriented group of nonprofits, government agencies, and community leaders dedicated to supporting the youth in Foster Care.
Ana Acosta
Community Engagement Specialist
“My main role as a community engagement specialist is to empower you to get involved and support the youth in foster care.”
Before launching Foster Community, Ana was a teacher and administrator in high needs schools where she had the privilege of working with children in the foster care system. Her students helped her gain a thorough understanding of the challenges faced by kids in care and after 16 years of teaching, she finally heeded a calling to shift her energies to support children in the foster care system.
She quickly learned that the hardships these children experience are exacerbated by the crisis-level shortage of foster families. Each year, hundreds of kids are forced to sleep in government offices, hotels, psychiatric hospitals or shelters because there aren’t enough families available. Although not everyone is ready to become a foster parent, everyone can support children and families in the child welfare system and Ana is ready to help you find the way that’s right for you.
The challenges in the foster care system are too complex to be tackled by a single government agency or nonprofit organization. The key to a better foster care system is an engaged and collaborative community and Foster Community is working with individuals and partner organizations to make this vision a reality.
As stated in the TCCB website, the objective of the St. Joseph’s Ministry and Foster Community are the same and their intended impact can he enhanced by strategic collaboration. Both initiatives convey the message that the solution to the challenges faced by the youth in foster care lie within the community and all of us have a role to play in supporting youth in foster care.
In addition to broaden the St. Joseph’s Ministry visibility and reach, Foster Community 
can help parishioners navigate the complexities of the child welfare system.  Foster Community serves as the starting point and connects them with representatives from child welfare organizations. The Community Engagement Specialist helps removes barriers to involvement by offering practical ways to engage at different levels of involvement. Foster Community partners can provide guidance to parish leaders and parishioners as they try to discern their level of engagement. Below are some of the supports that Foster Community can provide:
Inclusive and culturally responsive engagement strategies tailor to the outreach needs of parishes in Central Texas
Coordination and facilitation of on-site presentations by partner organizations 
Support the implementation of the engagement strategies in the Parish Resource Guide and Toolkit
Promote the St, Joseph’s Ministry in Foster Community website and social media channels
Access to the services of Bilingual Community Engagement Specialist and bilingual resources 
Access to the child welfare data and trauma informed practices
Foster Community would like to collaborate with the Texas Catholic Conference of Bishops (TCCB) and help promote the St. Joseph’s Ministry to raise awareness of the many ways Catholics can support children in foster care. 
A collaborative relationship between Foster Community and the TCCB would be mutually beneficial as our coordinated efforts would achieve greater impact. This impact would be measured by the number of individuals, families and parishioners becoming involved in supporting the youth in foster care. List of Foster Community Partners (as of February 2018)
No Lunch Meeting Today Jul 04, 2018
To Be Announced Jul 11, 2018
Jerry Chapman, District Governor Official Visit Jul 18, 2018
Overview of Rotary Year
To Be Announced Jul 25, 2018
Erland Schulze - Hope House, Liberty Hill Aug 01, 2018
Overview of Non Profit



Our Services

  • Loving atmosphere with personal, individualized care for all ages
  • Long term staff who are fully trained for special needs and disabilities
  • Heart-warming, home-like environment featuring a cheerful, sunny setting
  • Clean facilities situated on five acres
  • Indoor and outdoor playscapes
  • Therapy room with qualified therapists
  • Full time nurse on duty
  • Healthy, well-balanced meals and snacks
  • Special education curriculum available at the local public school
  • Excellent medical care just minutes away
  • Numerous opportunities for outings, travel, games, fun activities and stimulating experiences, with access to many community recreational facilities
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Club Assembly Aug 29, 2018
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