Aug 16, 2017
PACT - Partners Against Child Trafficking
Child Trafficing - The Fastest Growing Criminal Industry

PACT is an Austin based 501c3 organization that subscribes to the guidelines of Charity Navigator, the leader in rating charities by evaluating their financial health and accountability and their transparency. PACT uses Charity Navigator as a benchmark to diligently work to balance organizational growth with the demand for our programs,while ensuring the quality of our services is not compromised— and that we are able secure the funding needed to meet immediate needs while planting seeds for sustainability of expanded service levels. Since its official launch in 2015, PACT has been extremely successful to date with a lean operation based on an executive team, board of directors and staff of professional men and women business leaders. Our focus is keen on developing and delivering programs which allow us to establish efficiency and best practices to build a sustainable operation. PACT relies on: private grants, individual giving, corporate sponsorships and financial support from churches. End of year performance for 2016: 86.3% of funds went towards programs, 8.4% of funds were used for fundraising, and 5.3% of funds went towards administration costs.