Nov 13, 2019
Judy Lester
Business Coach, former Regional Director of Barnes & Noble Bookstore

Judy honed her skills for helping others grow professional, successful businesses as a Regional Director for Barnes and Noble Booksellers. Her fifteen years of multi-unit leadership was spent training and developing the skills of the managers and district managers of more than 100, multi-million dollar stores. This tutelage was second to none. The company's  "We Listen" culture was ingrained in every relationship company-wide and resulted in empowered, valued employees, productive collaboration, and teamwork that made working fun and easy. That same culture was translated to Lester's shop of 20 years and resulted in numerous awards, tenured staff, and a successful transfer of ownership. Three of their team went on to open their own successful, growing companies. Upon selling their store, Judy studied at one of the most rigorous coaching schools in the world to become a professional, certified coach. She loves working with entrepreneurs, company leaders, and organizations large and small to envision and accelerate the scaleable success they desire.