Dec 05, 2018
Anna Buereis
Public Safety In Our Community


Anna Bauereis has been an advocate for safer streets and ending distracted driving, since losing her 14-year-old son Alexei, due to a distracted driver in 2016.  She is a local business owner whose family was affected on many levels.  She now volunteers with Farm&City, led by Jay Blazek Crossley, to help educate Texans on what is going on in our state, to raise funds for awareness, to create and maintain educational programs, and to promote changing laws where they can make the most impact.

Anna also travels and shares her story, gives presentations on the issue, and helps families who have lost loved ones to turn tragedy into action, an d start a positive healing process.

Also presenting with Anna - Jay Blazek Corssley

Jay Blazek Crossley has worked in Texas public policy related to transportation and urban planning for over a decade. Two years ago, he launched Farm&City - a 501(c)(3) nonprofit - and a core program, Vision Zero Texas, to provide a new independent research and advocacy voice to address the vast territory in Texas politics in between left and right. Vision Zero Texas seeks to end traffic deaths and serious injuries across Texas by working with every city, county, and region, as well as the state itself to adopt Vision Zero goals and Action Plans to achieve the goal of safe, multimodal transportation systems.