Jul 19, 2017
Jim Wilkinson, General Manager Nissan Cedar Park
Grand Opening Nissan Cedar Park

The Rotary Club of Cedar Park is excited to have Jim Wilkinson speak at our first noon meeting.  This is a very special day for Jim and Nissan with their Grand Opening being Wednesday afternoon.



I grew up in New Orleans that’s why sometimes when I give a speech there are subtitles provided for the audience.

I have 2 grown children who live in Louisiana and Savanah, Ga this past year I became a grandpa.

I have been in the auto industry for just 15 years where I have worked for Group 1 Automotive since 2006 after moving to Houston indirectly via Katrina. I have had the opportunity to work back and forth from the Houston Market to Central Texas on several occasions working primarily for Toyota but also BMW, Mercedes an Lexus. Many people in the car business will go their entire careers without ever opening a brand new dealership in an expanding market yet the opportunity with Cedar Park Nissan is my 3rd open point start up in my short career

Over the years I have been a part of several Rotary clubs, a founding charter member of the Rotary Club of East Ascension in Louisiana. I have participated in Rotary events as a non-member in Bastrop, Cedar Creek and West Fort Bend County. 

Recently I received the Straight Shooter award by the Bastrop County Rotary club for coordinating their chef teams for their only fundraiser annually at Men Who Cook.

I’m proud to spend a lot of my off time doing community work such as The Big Pink Bus, Seton’s mobile mammography unit, provides free, convenient and safe breast screenings to underserved women, youth programs that focus on education and food banks because growing up I didn’t always have the resources others had, so it taught me to be resourceful.

I am excited to open this beautiful dealership and be a part of such an engaged community as Cedar Park, TX. I look forward to getting to know each of you as I get more involved in the months ahead.