Nov 15, 2017
Cody Mulla MS, CPP CHPA CHPP Physical and Cyber Se
Cyber Security

Physical and Cyber Security, Emergency Management, Homeland Security, Legislative Analysis

Emergency Management: Participate in PUC-related homeland security activities. Contribute to State Homeland Security Implementation Plan, State Preparedness Report, State THIRA, and Energy Annex. Participate in emergency management activities as lead of the Commission's Emergency Management Response Team during activations of the State Operations Center coordinating all communications between the State and Utilities. Participate in the acquisition and use of geographic information system (GIS) information on electric utility infrastructure and service areas. Participate in the management of telecommunications numbering resources. Verify that all submitted Emergency Operation Plans submitted to the commission satisfy rule requirements.

Physical/Cyber Security: Stay up-to-date on cyber security, physical security, emergency management, and other homeland security issues as they affect the electric, telecommunications and water and sewer utility industries. Participate in investigations and the preparation of reports. Coordinate with NERC, TRE, NARUC, and state entities to share information and develop an accurate threat picture. Developed relationships with the Texas Air National Guard Cyber Command to perform outreach to utilities. Member of the Private Security Advisory Committee, NARUC Critical Infrastructure Staff Committee, and ERCOT sponsored working groups.

Collaboration: Analyze infrastructure issues and policies, formulate alternatives, and develop recommendations for Commission and/or legislative actions. Participate in and lead rulemaking projects as part of a team and conduct workshops and discussions with industry and other participants. Participate in activities conducted by the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT), federal, and state agencies. Participate in legislative bill analysis related to physical and cyber security. Communicate with other State PUC staff to benchmark efforts in physical and cyber security.